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An iPhone displaying a customized conversation in Facebook Messenger.

Chatkit is the only full-funnel mobile messaging platform for e-commerce. Through channels like SMS and Facebook Messenger, we help brands have personalized, one-on-one conversations with their customers, at scale, across the customer journey.

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Mobile accounts for over 60% of online purchases.
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25% of emails that customers have opted into still go to spam.
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85% of the most frequented mobile apps are messaging apps.

Mobile Messaging Boasts


Engagement Rates

Compared to
5% CTR on Email


Open Rates

Compared to
20% with Email


Opt-in Rates

Compared to
4% with Email

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Chatkit is built by marketers for marketers

We make it easy to get started. Our team of expert performance marketers provides you with full-service concierge solutions and strategic support from onboarding to continued execution. We take care of everything, so you can concentrate on connecting with your customer.

Build & Learn

Grow a dedicated audience of repeat customers

  • Start impactful multi-channel conversations

    Chatkit’s organic and paid Conversation Starters enable you to start a conversation from anywhere. With on-site popups, social ads, and even QR codes, you can prompt customers to chat with your brand, and begin talking to them in minutes.

  • Getting started is easy

    Our one-click integration with top e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento, social networks like Facebook and Instagram, CRM platforms, and tag managers means you can get started immediately. No coding or IT support is required.

  • Segment your audience

    Create tailored audiences in one click with Chatkit’s segmentation tools. Segmenting your audiences enables you to send hyper-personalized messages at the right time, and hugely impact your customers’ buying decisions.

Layered Images: an iPhone displaying a client site with a modal inviting viewers to stay in touch via SMS, and an iPhone featuring text coversation with the brand started via the modal Layered Images: an iPhone displaying a client site with a messenger onsite widget, and an iPhone featuring a messenger conversation with the brand started via the onsite widget
Layered Images: an iPhone notification screen with a new message from a brand, and an iPhone featuring a text conversation with the brand following up on a recent purchase Layered Images: an iPhone displaying a client site with a modal pop up inviting customers to connect on messenger, and an iPhone featuring a messenger conversation with the brand that provides product recommendations

Message & Engage

Send impactful messages at key touchpoints in the customer journey

  • Message customers on multiple channels

    Chatkit is the only platform that provides a multi-channel mobile messaging strategy. Connect with customers on SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Google RBM.

  • Inspire loyalty

    Increase long-term revenue by messaging people throughout their journey, whether they’re new to
 your brand, considering a purchase, or recently post-purchase. Chatkit provides all the tools that enable you to engage consumers throughout the funnel and create a more fluid customer experience.

  • Automate customer support

    Provide frictionless, 24/7 support wherever people are. Chatkit’s AI can be trained to automatically respond to common customer questions. That means you reduce human support costs, and your customers feel heard and helped. We are fully integrated with top CSPs such as Zendesk.

Optimize & Convert

Increase your conversions by 150%

  • Sell more in one click

    Chatkit’s conversations are built for e-commerce. Place one-click buy buttons, order updates,
 product recommendations, and more right in the conversation to increase your revenue in seconds. And turn your shoppers into loyal customers by re-engaging people post purchase.

  • Recover abandoned carts

    Get a 250% increase on abandoned cart revenue with Chatkit’s one-click integration. Set up custom abandoned cart campaigns that outperform email by 3x.

  • Track revenue and customer behavior

    Clear revenue tracking indicates how chat contributes to your sales. Chatkit’s reporting tools help you understand which customer behaviors lead to revenue, and provide you with a holistic view of customer touchpoints.

Layered Images: an iPhone displaying a text conversation with brand confirming an order placement, and an iPhone featuring the customer asking for an order update within the conversation Layered Images: an iPhone notification screen with a new messages from a brand, and an iPhone featuring the conversation in messenger regarding a product that the customer left at checkout
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Integrate seamlessly and securely

Chatkit is unified end-to-end with all the CRM and e-commerce tools that help you capture leads, retain customers, and sell more.

Shopify, Salesforce, Marketo, and Magento are just some of the many platforms that are already integrated with Chatkit. And you can relax knowing your data is kept completely private and secure with leading-edge encryption technology.