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Message Customers
Talk with your customers,
not at them
Create and nurture lasting customer relationships through dynamic, two-way messenger dialogue. Our AI chatbot platform makes automated conversations feel more personal. It’s no wonder open rates on chat are up to 10x better than email.
Chat Channels
Engage people on their own turf
Connect with people on the social channels they already live on. When you send personalized promotions, surveys, product recommendations and more, customers can message you back directly, as they would a trusted friend.
Scheduling & Sequencing
Deliver impactful messages
The right message delivered at the right time can resonate deeply with your audience. Message your customers throughout their journey, whether they’re new to your brand, considering a purchase, or recently post-purchase. That way, you can keep people engaged and create a more fluid sales pipeline.
Growth Tools
Gain new customers
There are over 1.2 billion people active on Facebook Messenger each month. Our conversation starter tools make it quick and easy to tap into a new, engaged audience you can message anytime.
Conversation Designer
Leave the coding to us
Design interactive, creative chatbot conversations in minutes with our easy-to-use interface. Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances and optimizes your conversations for the best customer experience.
Audience Management
Know your audience
Get to know your customers by simply interacting with them. The more feedback they give the chatbot, the more in-depth insights you’ll gather. Chatkit measures and provides you with real-time data, and segments that data based on the metrics that matter to you.
Automate customer service
Provide 24/7 customer service and reduce human support costs. Chatkit’s AI can be trained to automatically respond to common customer questions. Chat-based support provides frictionless, personal support, so your customers feel heard and helped.
Enterprise Integration
Integrate seamlessly and securely
Chatkit integrates with all your existing enterprise and CRM platforms, as well as e-commerce platforms like Shopify. As a result, Conversational Marketing blends effortlessly with your broader marketing strategy. And you can relax knowing your data is kept completely private and secure with leading-edge encryption technology.
Customer Success Team
Concierge Service
Chatkit is easy to use, but chatbots and AI can be complex and difficult to navigate. That’s why we provide a unique, full-service solution for our customers with as much or as little strategic support as they need. From dedicated training and onboarding through strategy and implementation, your success is our #1 goal.
The Latest
CIBC Innovation Banking provides Growth Capital to Chatkit
The Conversationalist
A Magazine by Chatkit
The Latest
CIBC Innovation Banking provides Growth Capital to Chatkit
The Conversationalist
A Magazine by Chatkit.