The Future of Marketing
is Conversation
Meaningful conversations.
Meaningful data.
Over 3 Billion people are active on chat every month. Chatkit's AI platform enables marketers to connect with them.
How it Works
Chatkit's Conversational Marketing Platform enables brands to manage and automate conversations with their customers on chat channels, like Facebook Messenger. Unique insights and valuable data collected from these conversations are then used to personalize the customer experience, as well as inform the brand's marketing strategy.
& Paid
Actionable Data
& Insights
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Designed for Marketers
Fast, Direct & Engaging
Available on demand 24/7. Chat experience is highly engaging.
Scalable One-to-One Channel
Persistent direct connection to your customer that is cost-effective and easy to scale
Data-driven system continuously learns about your audience and tailors the message to them.
Performance Driven
Deeper & more frequent engagements ultimately lead to higher ROI
Expert-level knowledge of your brand
Enables new classes of analytics. It can also inform other marketing channels
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