Traditional landing pages are stuck in the past.
Level up your campaigns with Chatkit
Quickly design interactive conversations to replace your static landing pages.
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How it Works
Customer sees your Facebook ad and clicks on it.
Instead of static landing page an interactive conversation is opened up in Facebook Messenger.
Customer interacts with your custom designed conversation. Recommend products, qualify leads, survey or just ask for feedback.
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Old Vs. New
Landing Pages
Tell your audience about your product or offering
Focus customer attention using a custom-designed interactive chat experience
Reconnect with customers on the same channel
Segment and target customers based on the conversation
Train AI to automatically answer common questions
Get up and running in minutes without involving IT / Engineering
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It's Easy
Design a Conversation
Survey your customers, promote a product, offer coupons or just ask for feedback.
Link an Ad
Use one of your existing Facebook ads or create a new one.
Talk to Your Customers
Users interact with your custom-designed conversation after clicking on the ad.
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Designed for Marketers
Reporting & Analytics
Get detailed conversation performance and funnel analytics. Track clicks and conversions.
Quickly conduct brand studies, net promoter scores (NPS), or mini surveys. View and export detailed reports.
Complete Customization
Create conversations true to your brand with customizable text, photos, and videos.
Change the flow of the conversation by using filters and branches.
Automatic Testing
Manual A/B tests are a thing of the past. Enjoy automated machine learning optimization.
Integrations & Payments
Connect with your Facebook Ads account, Facebook Payments, product or other data feeds, email marketing solution, or talk to us about custom integrations.
Customer Segments
Group your audience based on the conversation and re-message them on Facebook.
Chat Management
Monitor and answer questions from your customers.
Preview and tweak conversations right in our platform before going live.
AI Training Coming Soon
Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning to automate answers to commonly asked questions.
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